Sal's Salsa
"It's got a bite, but you can't stop eating it!"
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Sal's Story
They always use to tell him that "It's got a bite! But you just can't stop eating it!
Sal's salsa story starts when he moved out of his parent's home and he realized he had to start making his own salsa if he wanted to eat some with his meals. Over the years he tweaked it here and there until he came up with a recipe that he enjoyed himself for every different type of meal. This was about 1986 when he moved out on his own. He doesn't quite recall when he thought he perfected it, but he does remember that when he joined the Newman Volunteer Fire Department in his hometown of Newman, California in 1995, all of his fellow fire fighter members told him Sal's salsa was simply the best they had eaten. Every time that they had a potluck he was asked to bring his salsa, and nothing else would be acceptable. Then on Labor Day weekend of 1998 he joined a salsa contest in his hometown of Newman at their annual Fall Festival for which he placed in 1st for the traditional salsa division and was named over all winner. In 2000, Sal's salsa won the people choice award which means that not just the judges, but the community as well, thought that Sal's was the best salsa.
Finally, on July 15, 2001, Sal and his family moved to the island of Kaua‘i in Hawai‘i where he then made his last and final adjustments to his salsa. He added one more type of Chile which was Hawai‘ian Chile Peppers, Hawai‘ian Salt instead of Iodized table salt. Since his friends were always telling him that they would like it hotter, he added more volume of his other chilies per batch to satisfy the taste buds of his newfound friends. In addition, since he likes garlic and cilantro so much, he decided to almost double these two ingredients. Over the years, including back in Newman, every one that had tasted Sal's salsa always told him he should market his salsa since it was the best they had tried. They always use to tell him that "It's got a bite! But you just can't stop eating it!" That is how Sal came up with the catch phrase which he has on his label.